A preventive care plan is the right option !
These plans allow you to spread out your veterinary bill payments to 12 equal monthly payments. By making regular payments, and adhering to a preventive care plan, you are able to assure your dog of the best preventive care protection possible without unexpected, large expenses that can be a jolt to the budget. Best of all, early detection of blood work abnormalities and physiologic changes could help add precious years to the life of your beloved companion.

The general idea is that you pay an affordable monthly fee ranging from $49 – $89 per month and you can choose one of the following packages from Silver to Gold or Gold Plus.

The packages include combinations of the following services:
• Exams
• Vaccinations
• Parasite Screenings
• Blood Screenings
• Dental Cleaning

Below verifiable links are provided for further research on benefits of preventive care plans.


In order to purchase any of the packages, your pet’s profile must be assessed by the Veterinarian to determine the suitable option.
Please request for a complimentary assessment appointment, you then have the option to enroll your pet in the best possible package after consulting with the Doctor. The method of payment is monthly auto debit of your credit card through our ONLINE store portal.
If you are not yet registered on the ONLINE store portal, one of our staff will be more than happy to assist you with the registration.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with your inquiries prior to booking your assessment appointment.

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