Our Team


Dr. R.Saram – Veterinarian for over 19 years.


Tiffany Customer Service / Veterinary Assistant

Hello, my name is Tiffany and this is my canine companion, Nanuq our Alaskan Malamute. We also have a Chow Mix named Lola and two feline friends at home. My great love for animals led me to change my career and join the incredibly professional, caring and passionate team at College Street Animal Hospital.


Paula Veterinary Assistant

Hello, my name is Paula. My great love for animals pushed me to start working at College Street Animal Hospital in 2011. I enjoy working with animals and have two of my own at home,  a cat and a Australian Shepperd mix, who you will usually see being walked along College St.

Andreia Image

Andreia Veterinary Assistant

Hello, my name is Andreia. I have been with College Street Animal Hospital since 2011, working as a veterinary assistant. During that time I graduated from University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Working here has given me the opportunity to work with animals. Currently, I have Leah and Kaya my two amusing cats, and Hana the chinchilla. I love to draw and spend free time either in the company of my pets or doodling.

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Stephanie Certified Groomer

Hi, my name is Stephanie. I am a certified pet groomer in Toronto, specializing in show dogs and have a strong interest in Asian fusion grooming. I’ve been at College Street Animal Hospital since October 2016. My strong love for animals lead me to pursue a career in pet grooming. I always try to ensure that our furry clients are safe and comfortable during their spa visit. Sometimes you may see my own dog, Zoey at the clinic on days she needs a little pampering.

Rebecca Veterinary Assistant

Hello, my name is Rebecca. I started as a volunteer at College Street Animal Hospital in 2014 and began working as a veterinary assistant in 2015. I am currently studying Biology and Statistics at the University of Toronto. I have always had a strong interest in animals and fortunately working here has given me the opportunity to learn more about them. I have 2 pets of my own – a rabbit named Lucifer and a cat named Luna; the dynamic is roughly that of an annoying younger sister (Luna) and the irritated older brother (Lucifer) which makes for entertaining interactions.

Attila image

Attila / Mascot and Greeter

Hello, my name is Attila. It’s my job to supervise the reception area. You will usually see me at reception or looking for pets and greeting clients.

I love to sit on your feet while you wait, love a good belly rub, long naps and treats.


Matilda / Second in Command

Hello, my name is Matilda. It’s my job to supervise the reception area. I am usually perched on my bed at reception or hidden in the shadows.

I love to nap and talk. A good head scratch is always welcomed and I will purr in contentment when you do! Greenies treats is always very appreciated as well!

We are very grateful to her previous owners for allowing the clinic to adopt her into our team.


Goldmund / Retired Clinic Cat

Hello, my name is Goldmund. I’m certain you have seen me before, I was the clinic cat. I used to perch myself majestically at the front desk. The clinic staff say I retired after getting a bit antsy but I say that I moved up to bigger and better things. I now live with Bita at her home, living the single life and not sharing my space with anyone but myself. I do pop up once in awhile at the clinic but my days are now spent sleeping in my own kingdom.

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