About College Street Animal Hospital


College Street Animal Hospital is located in the College & Bathurst street neighborhood. It’s owned and operated by Dr. R. Saram who has been practicing veterinary medicine for over 19 years. Dr Saram has benefited from having worked across various continents and countries including his most recent position in the United States. Dr. Saram brings his vast wealth of experience to the College Street community providing knowledgeable care and expert surgical skills to his patients.

At the College Street Animal Hospital we understand the privileged position your pet holds in your family. Our motto declares simply that “We Care for Dogs and Cats,” meaning we address the whole care needs of your family member encompassing care concerns for health, well being and grooming, and dedicated to do whatever it takes to identify and implement our principles of holistic care. Whether major or minor, we treat our clients concerns with gravity and strive to provide solutions for any difficulties your pet may be experiencing, providing an array of quality services and remedies for diseases, infections, behavioral issues and regular preventative care. We understand that each pet has a unique personality and our goal is to keep you family member happy and healthy. Pets like dogs and cats amazingly bond with humans, while others like rabbits, ferrets, amphibians, birds are simply fascinating. Our skilled staff specializes in the treatment of felines and canines and has an in-depth understanding of the unique care concerns each species requires.

The College Street Animal Hospital facility is equipped with the most current and up to date technologies and diagnostic tools. In keeping with our whole health principles, we have invested in chemical free digital x-rays machines to benefit our clients and our greater community. Our boarding facility offers bar-less kennels; impeccably clean premises and comfortable accommodation where proper ventilation, temperature, and lighting have been carefully designed to create an ideal and convenient location to accommodate our boarded guests.

Our experienced veterinary staff is committed to the clinics values and providing the highest quality of pet care, skilled medical expertise, and exceptional customer service. Our staff includes a qualified veterinary doctor with vast work experience, a dedicated team of veterinary technicians, friendly and attentive nursing, and administrative staff. Our efficient and co-operative personnel will listen to your needs, take time to explain hospital procedures in plain language, and provide excellent follow-up communications to put your mind at ease.

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